Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors


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Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors
Published By : National Record
DATE : 21, July, 2016

Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors

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Marine survey is a detailed inspection of the vessel to determine the boat's condition and structure. It helps to assess if repairs are required and to ascertain the safety of the boat. It is crucial to carry out a proper survey prior to purchasing the vessel. This task should be entrusted to sincere and experienced marine surveyors.

A majority of the people are not skilled enough to evaluate the condition of the boat on their own. Particularly from the safety point of view it is crucial to know of any defects in the vessel prior to its purchase. A marine survey guarantees peace of mind if it is carried out properly. You also get essential information necessitated for future maintenance of the boat. This is vital for the security of your family and the crew onboard.

An experienced marine surveyor can also assist you to select a boat as per your specific requirements. A majority of the insurance companies ask for a satisfactory survey of the vessel. Thus, getting a survey done before you acquire the vessel is imperative to insure your investment. In fact, the survey of the boat should be a prerequisite of purchase.

The survey report must necessarily disclose the general condition of the boat. It should also inform the buyer of the condition of the machinery as well as the gear used onboard. It should also check the condition and standards of the material used for the diverse parts of the equipment. This is the best way to ensure that the materials used are suitable for the vessel in question.

Marine surveyors usually work with insurance companies on the different claims however they are not their employees.

Types of Marine Surveyors:

Classification surveyors carry out marine surveys to ensure that the boat and its gear are built as per the requisite standards.

Government surveyors examine vessels to check the general safety standards and also perform surveys for vessel registration. The two groups consist of Port State Surveyors and Flag State Surveyors.

Private Surveyors generally carry out an extensive range of examination of the vessel. They look into accidents and also prepare accident reports.

Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors examine smaller vessels normally used for pleasure cruising.

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