Why use a Yacht Broker


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Why use a Yacht Broker
Published By : National Record
DATE : 17, August, 2016

Why use a Yacht Broker

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An important decision you have to make is whether to sell your yacht or boat through a yacht broker or do it yourself. Without assistance it often takes longer to sell the boat, is a complex process and you might have to settle for a lower price. Sellers usually work with brokers when the boats are larger, newer and/or more high-priced. There are other reasons to use a Yacht Broker to list boats of different sizes and conditions.

Your broker will deal with all the information flow and communication related with the listing between you, the other brokers and probable buyers.

Brokers are aware of the market in their specialized segment and know how to accurately price a boat or yacht.

Selecting the right broker:

Ways to select the right broker to sell your vessel:

- Ask yourself if the presentation of their other listings is good enough to impress potential buyers.
- Send an email to the broker and consider if the response is quick.
- Interview a few of the brokers by phone, in person and via emails.
- Ascertain if the call you make to the brokerage is answered on time.
The broker will devise ways to advertise the boat in the most appropriate media and at boat shows, walk-in inquiries and open houses to draw an interested and experienced audience.

The broker will identify potential problems and help to organize upgrades and repairs to make the boat competitive in today's market.

Professional brokers are aware of agency contracts, closing statements, listing agreements, deposit requirements as well as escrowed accounts to protect funds.

The yacht broker usually attends the sea trial as well as the marine survey. They will assist you to resolve any deficiencies if it is addressed in the purchase negotiations.

The broker works as a middleman to negotiate a successful deal between the buyer and seller. Yacht brokers have a lot to contribute to the sales process.

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