Top Yachting Excursions Around The World


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Top Yachting Excursions Around The World
Published By : Company
DATE : 05, February, 2016

Travel needs to be experienced from both the land, the sky and the sea. If you haven't experienced an adventure from the deck of a yacht, now is the time to throw on a pair of boat shoes, grab your favorite bottle of wine and head out to sea. If you're having trouble deciding where to go, here are some of our top choices for excursions all around the world.

French Riviera Luxury Yachts

If a lavish setting and luxury amenities is what you're after, a yachting experience on the French Riviera can satisfy your opulent urges. It has all of the islands, rugged coastline and pristine beaches that you want out of a sailing excursion but still manages to incorporate itself perfectly with the stunning resorts of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo.

Croatia Luxury Yachts

It's location in the Mediterranean already makes Croatia a winner in the eyes of yacht dwellers. However, with more than 1000 islands, Croatia beats out some of its competition quite easily. Cruise around these islands and get a taste of ancient Greek history, the famous Dalmatian Coast, the hidden coves and post card worthy beaches.

Cuba Luxury Yachts

Cuba is a hub of culture and the people who inhabit the island really know how to have a good time. Aside from the architecture and history, the island is surrounded by islets, creeks and coral reefs. With a fantastic climate and steady winds, Cuba makes a pleasant sailing experience for people looking to check out the coast, islands and famous, Bay of Pigs.

Seychelles Islands Luxury Yachts

White sand beaches, palm trees and towering cliffs will paint the picture of what you'll see while on a visit to Seychelles. Made up of 115 islands, it sits off the east coast of Africa surrounded by coral atolls on the outer edges. Sailing here is mostly done amongst the inner islands which are close together to make a little day of island hopping a fantastic possibility. Check out the bays and coves along the 44 miles of coastline and make sure to stop off to do some tropical hiking, lounge on one of the 65 beaches and check out the soaring mountains.

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