The Ultimate Guide to a Boat Wedding Party


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The Ultimate Guide to a Boat Wedding Party
Published By : National Record
DATE : 26, August, 2016

A wedding on a luxury boat embodies the ultimate indulgence.

Regardless of the location certain factors that can influence your wedding include décor, budget and catering. A luxury boat can set the perfect tone for probably the most memorable occasion of your life.

It is a daunting task to search for the best yacht depending on the budget, can comfortably accommodate your guests and has a favourable ambience as per your requirements. Consider these tips as you commence the search for your ideal vessel.

Benefits of Boat Weddings:

A boat wedding is an economical option as you can benefit from lots of inclusions that might not be available for land-based options.

- Saves time as you host both the ceremony and reception in a single place.
- Provision for Pre or post-wedding entertainment plus accommodation onboard.
- Luxury boat options provide added flexibility for the guest numbers.
- There is a lot of flexibility to choose your preferred location from islands, beautiful beaches or coves.
- Professional yacht crew are quite skilled and provide excellent service.
- Options can include bespoke catering and gourmet cuisine. Select from cocktail canapés or opt for full sit-down degustation menus.

Flexibility for your plans: A multitude of options are available when you opt for a boat wedding. A full wedding service includes pre/post wedding cruises along with bride and groom parties, ceremony and reception. Or, you can tone down and plan your reception only.

Luxury boats also provide superlative opportunities to vow renewals, engagement proposals and honeymoon boat charters.

Considerations: The main restriction in boat weddings is your guest list. Only a limited number of guests are permitted onboard. Consult the boat charter broker for suitable yachts to go with your guest numbers.

Boat weddings are more often than not destination weddings as well. Don't forget to include the cost of travel expenses such as visa fees, airfares and transfers to the port.

Mull over the timing of the ceremony and reception. Wedding photos at sunset are spectacular however some countries place restrictions on the time to conduct ceremonies. There are religious restrictions for ceremonies in some countries.

Review the wedding attire and think carefully about what to wear in the climate. Check the boat protocol on the apparel permitted onboard.

Benefits of Boat Weddings:

Legalities: Destination-specific marriage laws can adversely affect your yacht wedding planning plus timeframes.

Understand the legalities of a wedding in the country where you intend to charter the boat. This is especially important if the bride, groom or both are non-resident.

Boat Wedding Checklist:

Selecting a suitable luxury boat along with a spectacular venue is vital for your big day. A boat charter broker is knowledgeable about the specifications of each luxury yacht inside the charter fleet plus crew insight and availability.

Important queries to check off with the boat charter broker:

- Ideal options for décor: Ask about the movable and immovable things of the decor on the boat onboard.
- Is it sufficiently spacious? Consider if the yacht has sufficient space for a cocktail reception following the ceremony. Envision the wedding from start to finish.
- Do you require a wedding planner or a coordinator on the big day? For a majority of the boat weddings the person who you deal with about the plans may not be present on the actual day. Make sure you know the person you should approach on the day.
- What are you responsible for bringing in or arranging? Are there corkage fees if you bring in your own wine/champagne? Can you bring in your own decorations, flowers etc.
- What's the alternate plan during inclement weather? Plan for inclement weather particularly if you're hosting the ceremony or reception on the top deck.
- Time span for the party: If you want the reception to continue later than four or five hours ask about extra costs as this is the maximum duration of a charter cruise.
- Options for live entertainment: Enquire about noise restrictions if you plan to bring in a live band, DJ or have alternate entertainment options onboard.
- Ask about the space where the bridal party can get dressed: Several boats have staterooms for this purpose.
- Ask about the inaccessible areas onboard: Get to know more about the inaccessible areas and the restrictions onboard. Confer with your boat charter broker if you have aged guests who can't use the stairs.
- Learn about the consequences of not fulfilling the food and beverage minimum. Enquire about the service charge on top of the bill.
- Added costs: Get to know more about the additional costs such as surcharges for cleaning fees, fuel, dockage, taxes, liability insurance, deposits, boat delivery fees and cancellation fees.

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