The New Trends in the Yachting Industry Worldwide


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The New Trends in the Yachting Industry Worldwide
Published By : National Record
DATE : 16, May, 2016

A superyacht is a luxury yacht owned and enjoyed by the jet set. A younger generation of (UHNWI) or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals is steadily more focused on tailored experiences rather than acquiring objects. Such uniqueness partly confers high status for people who can afford such experiences. The shifting sands of luxury and affluence have a definite impact on the changing trends in the yachting industry.

The ultra wealthy are trying their best to ensure that the returns on their time are maximized in every way possible. Superyachts are indisputably the most pre-eminent platform to accomplish this.

Inventive Layouts: Yachts nowadays are shifting from compartmentalized layouts towards open-plan, vibrant interiors. There is also an amplified attention to the outdoor areas to generate an intimate experience with the sea. Grand architecture and warm comfort empowers a yachtsman to feel like he is within his individual floating palace.

Increased Focus on Health and Wellness: Yachts are offering the services of skilled nutritionists, personal trainers and therapists so that they do not have to compromise with passenger health when aboard.

Latest Toys and Entertainment: Together with the standard toys such as water-skis, jet skis and canoes, there is an ever-increasing demand for the newest gadgets such as a skibob, hover board along with top-quality movie rooms.

As the owners want their cruisers to exhibit their fortunes & flamboyance, size plays an integral part in this process. Classic features of a mega yacht include extra decks, VIP cabins and yacht tenders.

Semi custom platforms are a yachtsman's favourite these days. With an uncompromised structure, a yacht is initially fitted with a mold to ensure optimal protection and guarantee a reliable performance. Yacht owners have the flexibility to personalise the platforms according to their requirements.

The Asian yacht industries are all set to grow and vie with the West. These are a few of the changing trends in the yachting industry.

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