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Negotiating Tips for Selling Your Yacht - AdamSea Yacht for Sale
Published By : National Record
DATE : 04, April, 2016

Negotiating skills are learned and just like they do in the markets of Asia and the Middle East, honing these skills is vital for making sales. As a seller, you will likely come across some buyers looking for the best deal. If you don't want to lose out on cash or feel guilty about the price you sold your stock for, brush up on some of these AdamSea tips for negotiating to come out on top! Use AdamSea's Online Search Tool to find the Right Yacht for Sale.

  1. Research The Market Value
    Ok, so it may take a little time but you gotta do your research. Check the market value price for what you are selling so that you offer a fair price to the buyers and aren't persuaded by them to take less.

  2. Be Confident In What You Want For It
    Along with clueing yourself in to the market value, you need to be comfortable with the selling price. Take into consideration how much money you have put into it over time and what sort of profit you need to make in order to come out on top. AdamSea offers New and Used Yachts for Sale worldwide.

  3. Be Nice
    Don't take it personally if people start low balling you straight away. Most likely, they aren't trying to take you for a fool or insult you, but are simply using a low number as their starting point and assuming the price will go up from there. You may ward off potential buyers with a bad attitude from the beginning.

  4. Be Patient
    Once you have determined that your asking price is fair, it's important to be patient. While you may come across a handful of buyers who keep trying to talk you down, if you stick to your asking price, eventually the right buyer will come along.

  5. Decide If You Are Willing To Negotiate At All
    If you absolutely cannot go any lower than your asking price, it would be helpful to say so in your listing. If buyers see this mentioned, it's likely that you will only get very serious inquiries that are willing to accept your price.

  6. Don't Let The Pressure Get To You
    Because of time constraints or pushy buyers, you may feel pressured to sell your boat for a price that you are not happy with. Keep in mind that you don't owe someone any deals or favors and stick with what makes you most comfortable.

  7. Don't List A Price Range
    If you list a price range, this gives buyers more room to try and negotiate with you for a cheaper deal. Pick one price and stick to it with confidence.

  8. Utilize The AdamSea Negotiate Option
    The platform allows you to list your vessel as either negotiable or fixed price. Make sure to activate one of these options to get the buyers you are looking for. is an Online Marine Community for yacht buyers and yacht sellers.

AdamSea provides an Online Yacht Sales Engine for New & Used Yachts for Sale, Charter, Yacht Services and Marina & Storage worldwide.

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