Most Unique Yachts Around The World


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Most Unique Yachts Around The World
Published By : National Record
DATE : 13, February, 2016

They're quirky, they're unique and some of them are actually quite unbelievable. These yachts have undergone some serious renovations and if you were to see them in person, they might just make your jaw literally drop. Check out some of these whacky and luxurious yachts from all around the world.

The Volcano Yacht

The brainchild of a UK company, this yacht prototype features a volcano that erupts with water, eventually directing itself back down into the pool. It is surrounded by tropical plants and palms and the beach deck is deployable into the sea.

The Solar Powered Yacht

This multi-billion dollar creation can run for about 3 days just on its lithium ion batteries. Perhaps it's a representative for a whole new industry but this is surely one for the eco-lovers out there.

A Yacht Defended By a Missile

Deemed the world's second most expensive luxury yacht, this creation even has its very own missile defense system. Owned by a Russian man named Roman Abramovich, it has been installed with a military grade system and a submarine for some extra protection.

The App Controlled Yacht

You better believe it-there is a yacht cruising the seas that is controlled by an app. With just an Ipad, this 139 foot yacht can be sailed around the sea for about $15 million dollars. To go along with its futuristic technology, the ship itself looks like something out of a space movie.

The Limo Yacht

Maybe the creator was channeling his inner love for transformers but the result is this yacht that turns into a limo. Using technology from the military as well as racing and commercial industries, this machine can be used on both land and sea.

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