Meet the New Smart But Simple Instrument Display for boats


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Meet the New Smart But Simple Instrument Display for boats
Published By : Ekaterina P
DATE : 11, May, 2016

Yacht Devices Ltd, a manufacturer of marine electronics, presents the Text Display YDTD-20 – enabling monitoring of navigation right from the yacht cabin or any other place on board. Small and simple in use, the display can be installed easily on any boat equipped with a NMEA 2000 compatible network. It starts operation as soon as it is plugged into the network backbone, no maintenance or configuration is required. This device is a wise choice as an additional instrumental display, mounted in the cabin of your vessel or near the chart table.


The YDTD-20N Text Display provides the following data: 

  • vessel position (GPS); 
  • speed and course (SOG, COG, STW, heading); 
  • wind data (AWA, AWS, TWA, TWS); 
  • weather data (air and water temperature, atmospheric pressure); 
  • water depth; 
  • log and trip distance; 
  • engine revolutions, two engines are supported; 
  • batteries voltage; 
  • system time.

The Text Display doesn’t have its own sensors, it shows data which is available on NMEA 2000 network, so the YDTD-20 Text Display can be easily converted into a specialized display. Yacht Devices plans to release additional firmware files which will allow engine monitoring with extended engine information like oil temperature and fuel pressure, another such Firmware to monitor chargers and DC sources (including wind generators and solar panels), and a third to monitor fluid levels in water, fuel, black water and other tanks. To change the Display type, just to download a new firmware file, save it on the MicroSD card, and restart the display. New firmware products will be provided free of charge and will be available for downloading in early July, 2016.


The NMEA 2000 multifunction display's dimensions are 91x39x16mm, typical power consumption is only 20 mA and the cost is only $149 USD. The current model has a black case and blue screen.

Additional information about the new display can be found at the official web-site.

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