How Yacht Builders and Sellers Can Connect with Buyers All Over the World


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How Yacht Builders and Sellers Can Connect with Buyers All Over the World
Published By : National Record
DATE : 28, March, 2017

People around the world are looking to get their hands on boats to explore the Greek Islands, cruise along the Mediterranean sea and hang in the Caribbean. A middleman is needed to get your used or new boats into the lives of the people that need them and AdamSea aims to do that job. If you're ready to start shipping your yachts off to new, international buyers, here are the benefits of shipping through AdamSea.


You will have a wide range of shipping destinations

The AdamSea Boat Sales Engine will open up your product to an audience of billions of people all around the world. They ship to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, along with our worlwide partners.


You will get to contact the buyer

While AdamSea makes yacht sales process easier than ever before, you will have control over quoting the shipping prices and dealing with the transactions, so you can feel confident with the people you are doing business.


You will be notified of shipment opportunities

When a yacht is purchased through AdamSea, shippers will receive an email letting them know that they have the chance to submit a shipment quote to the buyer, providing competitives prices and more opportunities.


Year Round Work

With different market needs, you will have the opportunity for year round work that could significantly boost your business and reduce stress during low season.


Advertising on AdamSea

AdamSea's website will serve as another platform for you to advertise on. We will provide all of your information and benefits to a large source of customers specifically seeking out your services. We are dedicated to support our partner's yearly growth by extending their costumer reach around the world.



After joining AdamSea, registered members will have a staff member that will explain the entire process to them. These members will learn how the system works, how to log in, how to respond to quote requests, customer service expectations and how to maintain current information.


Sign up for free and be a partner of the first global yacht marketplace that connects all stages of yacht sales under one single platform.


Our Live Support option is available to help you with any question about our process and registration.

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