How Yacht Brokers Can Buy and Sell their Boats Online with AdamSea


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How Yacht Brokers Can Buy and Sell their Boats Online with AdamSea
Published By : National Record
DATE : 18, April, 2016

Selling a Boat Online can now become easier with platforms like Essentially like joining a boat selling team, you will now have backup to help you get the news out to the world that you are trying to sell your vessel. And, what's even better than being part of a team is being part of one with connections. The crew over at AdamSea have the ability to connect your listing with people around the world, helping you to sell your vessel faster. If you are looking for a way to sell your boat more efficiently, here is how to become a part of the AdamSea team.

Create an Yacht Broker ID on
Once you are signed up with AdamSea, your first step is to create an ID. Once making your username and password, click on your name at the top of the screen to access your dashboard. The dashboard serves as the center for selling and keeping track of your progress while on the platform. This is where you can manage your settings, post items for sale and track potential sales. AdamSea offers you to the right tool to Buy and Sell your Boat.

Setting up Your Profile for Boat Sales Online
One of the perks of being on AdamSea is the ability to create your own, unique profile to help you get your products across to sellers. Start by clicking on "Account Settings" and filling out all of the required information. Having a more completed profile listing will help you look better to potential buyers. Upload your company logo to make your profile look more official and get started with advertising and selling your products.

Listing Your Products on AdamSea Boat Sales Engine
Upon completing your profile, click on "Manage Boats" and then click the blue "Ads" button. A screen will then pop up, prompting you to fill out some information about each vessel. It's important to be as detailed as possible in order to attract more serious buyers. During searches, potential buyers typically like to know information regarding the model, make and engine type as well as many other features. The final touches of making your listing official is to upload a mandatory photo of your vessel at the bottom. Finish up by reading the Boats Agreement Fee Service, agreeing and then hitting save to make the listing visible. AdamSea offers you to the right tool to Buy Boat Online.

The Auction Option on AdamSea
For a more time-saving option, sellers can choose to auction off their boats and wait for the bids to come in. Under the "Manage Boats" section, click the "View" button and click the "Add Auction" button for each listing. Fill out the information about the lowest possible bid and date and get ready for some bidding.

Being Notified of Potential Buyers
If a buyer is interested in your listing, they will click on "Contact Your Agent." It's then that the system will notify you via email. After confirming that your boat is still available, you can decide to either accept, reject our counter the offer.

Answering Questions
While the buyer will typically have questions about the boat buying process, an AdamSea operator is there to assist them so that you don't have to. As they help the buyer through each section of the website, your job will only be made easier as the seller. AdamSea offers new and used boats for sale worldwide.

Boat Inspection
Once the buyer decides to make the purchase and a price is agreed upon, there will be a mandatory inspection. While the buyer must arrange and pay for a surveyor to come out and take a look at your vessel, you are responsible for being available during the set date and time.

Secure Escrow Payment
The buyer will transfer their money to an escrow fund while dealing with the shipping company and once the boat has been received and approved, the escrow money will be released into your account.

It's as simple as that. With AdamSea, you have options and support to get your boat sold faster. provides an Online Boat Sales Engine for New and Used Boats for Sale, Charter, Yacht Services and Marina & Storage worldwide.

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