Everything You Need to Know About Winter Storage


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Everything You Need to Know About Winter Storage
Published By : National Record
DATE : 23, October, 2017

If you live in an area where your boat needs to be stored for the winter, these tips will help you know which storage option is best for you and keep you boat safe and well-kept over the winter.


Storage Options


Outdoor Storage.

Outdoor storage is the cheapest option when it comes to storing your boat for winter. While outdoor storage is virtually cost free, it has multiple drawbacks. It is absolutely necessary to have a well-fitting cover because the boat will be continually exposed to the harsh elements of winter. A boat takes up space in your yard and might be seen as an eyesore. You also need to arrange for transportation to take your vessel to and from the dock.


Boat Storage Facilities.

Though not free like outdoor storage, boat storage facilities are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. And unlike outdoor storage, boat storage facilities keep boats away from the elements. You still do need to find transportation to and from the dock, though, and larger vessels will not fit in a standard storage unit.


Dry Stack Storage.

Dry stack storage is usually located near a dock, so you do not need to find a way to transport the boat to and from the dock. This type of storage is typically stored in a warehouse to keep it out of the elements, but storage racks may be kept outdoors in some situations and leaves boats susceptible to the elements. Dry stack storage is not as cost effective as other options, and larger boats will not fit in dry stack storage.


Indoor Boat Storage.

Often times, indoor boat storage includes free transportation of vessels along with maintenance and monitored security. These types of storage facilities can accommodate vessels of any size while keeping them out of the elements. However, these perks come at a price as this is the most costly storage option.


Boat Preparation


Change Oil.

Water can find its way into a boat’s oil whether it is through cracks in the tank or from condensation. This water can corrode your tank over the winter and cause damage. Before storing your boat for the winter, you should always change out the oil.


Drain Coolant System.

Flush out the coolant system in the boat and refill with diluted antifreeze to keep parts of the engine from freezing and protected from corrosion.


Spray with Fogging Oil.

Spray your engine with fogging oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions to protect the engine’s moving parts from the winter cold.


Remove Drive Belts.

Drive belts kept under tension for a long period of time will crack under stress, so remove your drive belts for winter storage to prevent damage.


Disconnect Battery.

Your battery can drain and die over the winter. Avoid this by disconnecting the battery and topping it off with distilled water to make sure it is ready to go in the spring.


Grease Steering Mechanism.

Greasing the steering mechanism ensures that all parts are all running smoothly when it is time to take the vessel out again in the spring.


Fill the Gas Tank.

An empty tank can lead to condensation buildup and consequently corrosion. Fill your tank with gasoline stabilizer to make sure the fuel is ready in the spring.


Clean Up Interior.

Be sure all electronics are moved, all water tanks are emptied, any organic upholstered materials are removed, and antifreeze is added to indoor pipes.


Wash and Wax.

Prevent corrosion on your boat’s body by thoroughly cleaning, drying, and waxing the outside.


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