Do Not Overlook these 5 Boat Buying Tips


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Do Not Overlook these 5 Boat Buying Tips
Published By : National Record
DATE : 16, October, 2017

A checklist of things to look for when buying a boat is essential to the process. You want to make sure nothing gets overlooked and everything is all right with the boat. There are a few things which should always be checked on the vessel you are looking at but are often times forgotten about or not even thought of. Some of these items if overlooked can lead to serious problems with the health of your boat. Here is a list of 5 things not to neglect to check on the next boat you buy.


Cold Engine.


When you first approach the boat you are intending to buy in person, check whether the engine is cold or has already been warmed up before you got there. You want to experience a boat’s cold start before you buy it. Insist that the engine be cold before you arrive, or wait for it to cool down and have the owner start it again. This will bring up a plethora of issues if they are present, as you will be able to hear the rattling in excess clearances in the boat’s connecting rods and main bearings.


Engine Hours.


You certainly want a boat with low engine hours on the vessel you are intending to buy, but did you know the engine hours shown on the boat might not be right? Check the hours on the meter when you first climb on board, then check them again when you pull the boat back in. If the hours have not changed, the meter is broken and you have a problem.




Know what to check for when you pull the dipstick out of the engine. Unless the engine is diesel, the oil should look just as it would if you were pouring it right from the bottle. It should not be inky and black. If the oil looks like there may be water in it or if the bottom of the oil cap has a residue which looks like chocolate milk, you are probably looking at a problem with the head gaskets. A strong gas smell in the oil could also indicate problems.


Drive Oil.


If the boat you are looking at has a separate reservoir for the drive oil, be sure to check that the reservoir is free of leaks and problems. Look for water in the oil which will tell you if there is a leak in the drive. Check that the gears in the drive are free of corrosion and pitting caused by water seeping through cracks in the drive.




Do not forget that when you are buying a boat, you are also buying a trailer to go with it. Make sure the bunk carpeting or rollers are in good condition, and check the back sides of the wheels for brake fluid or bearing grease leaks. Remember to check the lights, brakes, tongue, and jack to insure they are in good working condition.


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