Check List for Buying a New Yacht - Online Yacht Sales


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Check List for Buying a New Yacht - Online Yacht Sales
Published By : National Record
DATE : 25, March, 2016

It's YACHT time and it's time to do it RIGHT! Before trading your hard earned savings for your shiny new toy, it's important to check a few items off the precautionary list. While the AdamSea platform gives you all of the resources you need to purchase and receive your new yacht, it's up to you to ask the seller all of the vital questions. Before deciding on a new yacht, check these items off the list. AdamSea offers you to the right tool to Buying a New Yacht Online.

Ask About The Hours
When dealing with the seller, make sure to ask them how many hours the yacht has been operated for in the past. Just like yacht buyers worldwide will check the mileage of a used car, it's important to compare the make and model to how many hours the yacht has been used.

See The Maintenance Records
Get a peek into what work has been done to the yacht in the past. Look for oil changes, tune-ups, cleanings, hull repairs, component repairs and impeller replacements. This will help you foresee what kinds of repairs you will have to make on it yourself and what is likely to cause problems. If the yacht is made for cold weather climates, make sure you also get the yacht's winterization schedule as well. AdamSea offers New and Used Yachts for Sale worldwide.

Check Out The Market Price
Be in the know when it comes to the price you will pay for your yacht. In order to make sure you are getting a good deal and negotiate fairly, you should inform yourself of the market price. Try looking online or on Kelly Bluebook and NADA Guides.

Shop For Insurance
Insuring a yacht can be a large cost and it's important to make sure that you can afford it before actually purchasing the yacht itself. Also, having insurance lined up will help you get your new purchase protected as soon as possible.

Learn About Registration Requirements
As each country and state has different requirements on this subject, make sure that you are well informed on what yours are. Purchasing with this information in mind will help you ensure that you get all of the documentation you need from the seller up front.

Got the list all checked off? Happy sailing!

AdamSea provides an Online Yacht Sales Engine for new & used yachts for Sale, Charter, Yacht Services and Marina & Storage worldwide. Visit to more information!

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