Advice for First Time Yacht Buyers


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Advice for First Time Yacht Buyers
Published By : National Record
DATE : 24, September, 2016

Advice for First Time Yacht Buyers

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There are certain things to keep in mind prior to buying a yacht for the first time.

Select the Right Type of Yacht: Select the right type of yacht as per your specific requirement. The three basic categories include vessels for fishing, cruising or water sports. Cruising yachts are exclusively designed for entertaining guests, travelling and comfort either on a day-boating or on an overnight spree.

Fishing yachts have open cockpits to enable the angler to fight the fish or move around. Pick up your Water sports boat depending on whether you want to wakeboard, race, tow toys, water-ski, parasail, scuba dive or indulge in other exciting activities.

Do you want a New Boat or prefer to be a Used Yacht Buyer: It is advisable for first-time yacht buyers to opt for a used yacht to minimize the economic risk. Browse the Internet for yacht videos, compare yachts and get an idea about the right yacht.

Buy a Bigger Vessel than you had intended: Larger yachts are generally safer, more comfortable and enjoyable, can carry more people, look better, go farther and create extra pride of ownership as compared with the smaller ones.

Always Involve Your Partner Early in the Game: Women are increasingly taking the lead in the yacht-buying process and lots of single women are yacht owners nowadays. Always ensure that your partner has input plus "buy-in" on the selected yacht.

Back to the Basics: When you are out on the water you should know how to handle the wind, waves, currents, tides, weather conditions and other yacht traffic. Prior to your first cruise opt for a course from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadron.

Be Fearless! With your yachting course, a modicum of discretion and lots of common sense you can fearlessly venture out on the water aboard your new vessel. Take small steps, head further and gain experience with each cruise.

A season's sail under your keel will give you the confidence and competence to pursue the activity. Then you can anticipate a lifetime of boating pleasure with loved ones.

Bon voyage!

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