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AdamSea for Shippers
Published By : National Record
DATE : 10, January, 2018

AdamSea for Shippers

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AdamSea attracts new boat manufacturers and used boat/yacht sellers and buyers in one marketplace requiring the same service: shipment. By registering with AdamSea and becoming a partner, you gain access to shipping opportunities to destinations all over the world. Every time a sale is made through AdamSea, all shippers who are registered with AdamSea will receive an email giving them the opportunity to submit a shipping quote to the buyer.


AdamSea connects worldwide boat sellers, new and used, to buyers all over the world. Used boats or yachts will be shipped from the seller’s location while new boats and yachts will be shipped from the manufacturer’s place of business. Shipping destinations are located all over the world and include destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and many more.


As shipping is an integral piece of the AdamSea sales process, shippers are not only important but absolutely necessary. Every single sale which is made through AdamSea, whether new or used, requires a request for shipment quotes. The process for you as a shipper begins when the buyer has reached the Shipment section of their transaction. The buyer must fill out a Shipment Request form, after which the AdamSea sales engine sends email notifications to affiliated shipment companies, requesting a quote to be sent directly to the buyer’s email address. You will then click on the link you are sent to submit a quote to the buyer through your AdamSea account. When you click the link, the dashboard you are taken to will contain the origin and destination locations, boat information and other data in order to provide a quote. You must provide your quote within 24 hours of receiving the email. The buyer can view your quote in their member account.


By working with AdamSea as a shipper, you receive benefits for you and your company such as year round word, leads to ship vessels all over the world, access to new markets, and advertising services on only to name a few. Since AdamSea only works as a lead generator for your shipping services, you are responsible for the transactions between you and the buyers. This means there is no percentage of your fee which needs to go to AdamSea. In return, AdamSea asks that you abide by their terms of service and offer excellent customer service to their customers buying boats through them.


To register as a shipper with AdamSea, visit

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