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AdamSea for Sellers
Published By : National Record
DATE : 07, November, 2017

AdamSea for Sellers

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No matter what kind of seller you are, AdamSea makes it easy for you to put your boat on the market and find safe, approved buyers.


Buyers Finding your Boat.

Potential buyers can find your boat by specifying criteria in their search. They enter the type, make, model, and/or features they are looking for in their watercraft. The ability for the buyer to select the specific features they are looking for is an advantage to you. Buyers whose needs match the qualities of the boat you are selling will not be bogged down with having to go through boats they have no use for before they see your boat. If the buyer wants the boat you are selling, they can simply press the “Buy It Now” button. This is where you come in as the seller.


Buyer and Seller Communication.

If a buyer wants to buy your boat, you will receive an email. It does not matter if the boat is new or used or if you are a private seller or manufacturer, you will receive a link to access the account through a link in the email. You must then confirm whether the boat is still for sale. If the boat being sold is a used boat, you and the buyer will move on to negotiation. If it is a new boat you are selling, the process moves straight to Payment.



During negotiation, you will be speaking directly with the buyer without AdamSea intervention. You must designate whether the price of the boat is “Fixed” or “Negotiable.” If fixed, then the negotiation feature is disabled, and the buyer will proceed straight to Payment. If negotiable, the buyer will enter their proposed price. After you received the buyer’s proposed price, you can either accept and proceed to Payment or decline and end the transaction there. You also have the option to amend the proposed price and send it back for the buyer to view. The amendment process will repeat until you either accept or decline the proposed price.


Payment and Shipping Arrangements.

Once you accept a price on your boat or a buyer decides to buy the new boat you have for sale, the buyer will arrange for payment. They will also arrange for the boat to be inspected if they are buying a used boat. Once everything is paid, AdamSea will place the funds in escrow. The buyer will then arrange for shipment of their vessel.  When the buyer receives and accepts their boat, AdamSea will transfer the purchase price to you the seller, minus a handling and transaction fee based on the price of the boat.



No matter if the boat is used or coming straight from a manufacturer, AdamSea will manually check each stage of the process. Payments will only be transferred to you when the auditor determines each step was handled correctly. The auditor will decline any transaction that does not meet AdamSea terms of service, does not have complete reporting, or is suspicious in nature. This ensures the safety of both you and the seller when you go through this large transaction.


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