AdamSea Yacht Services - Benefits of Working as Yacht Crew


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AdamSea Yacht Services - Benefits of Working as Yacht Crew
Published By : National Record
DATE : 29, July, 2016

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There are pros and cons of working as a crew member on board luxury super yachts nowadays. It's hardly a picnic with extended working hours, little or no spare time and quite a few routine and uninteresting jobs. The reward for the hard work is surely life-changing if you can deal with the drawbacks. These are the advantages of working as Yacht Crew.

The lifestyle: Gain access to a diverse lifestyle when you work as yacht crew. Visit the most famous destinations worldwide in the company of the jet set and experience their lifestyle first-hand. Plus, you will be berthing in the most luxurious marinas & ports globally.

The travel: Get the opportunity to travel to the most lavish & exotic destinations worldwide. Get breathtaking views when berthing, cruising or anchoring in the most scenic spots. Experience the essence of the locations you visit as you take a day's leave, go jogging or go ashore for a task.

Elite experiences: Meet and mix with celebrities onboard. The most illustrious celebrities worldwide either charter or own yachts. The list includes names like Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Simon Cowell and Rihanna among others. If you work honestly & efficiently and create a favourable impression, infinite opportunities lie in store for you career-wise.

Your new family: On a superyacht you are in the company of crew mates all through the day, seven days a week. As you are away from your family you will find that amazingly strong connections are forged and long-lasting friendships are created onboard.

Living onboard: Experience a certain degree of luxury in the crew quarters of a well-appointed superyacht. Make use of the yacht's fantastic facilities such as the water sports equipment, tenders and toys, jet-skis when there are no owners or guests onboard.

Tips: There's a lot of potential for crew to earn extra money by way of mega tips. However you cannot always get big tips or anticipate such gestures. On a charter yacht standard tips vary from five to twenty percent of the charter fee. The average is approximately 10 percent. If guests are quite generous it can lead to an even greater amount or if they are less generous it can mean a lesser amount.

Private yachts are reserved for the proprietor thus the tips might not be as forthcoming. They do offer extra down time, bonuses, extended holidays and the possibility of impulsive gifts from the owner.

Salary and tips: Yacht Crew have excellent base salaries and tips devoid of any outgoings. With no added spending on accommodation, drink, food, bills, clothes (as uniforms are provided) supplies or leisure activities you get the chance to save mega bucks!

Education: A majority of the yacht crew have their education/training expenses funded by their owners. This is a colossal benefit when you are attempting to establish yourself in the yachting industry. There is an extensive range of courses for each job role onboard from a deck hand to captain.

You don't have to spend money on food or drinks and don't have to agonize over cooking either. Let the chef onboard take care of this aspect!

Living on the land: If the yacht you're on has to be taken out of the water for repairs the crew obviously cannot live onboard. For a short duration, you will live in accommodation on-land like short-term apartments or hotels with a daily allowance for your meals etc. You might be required to work in the morning but you are free to explore the destination at leisure in the evenings and weekends.

Gifts and free stuff at times! As superyacht crew there is a possibility you may receive free stuff and gifts as well. Bonuses are given on some yachts, for instance when a crew member completes a year's service onboard. Free stuff also includes superfluous accessories if the yacht is replacing any designs or having an interior refit.

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