5 Things a Superyacht Marina Should Consider


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5 Things a Superyacht Marina Should Consider
Published By : National Record
DATE : 25, April, 2016

Every day more and more Superyachts are popping onto the scene. With more superyachts there will be a larger need for marinas to accommodate them. Having the chance to offer marina assistance to the increasing market, marinas who hope to do business with super yachts should take a couple things into consideration.

Offering Double Berths
These berths allow larger yachts to fit into the marina while still allowing space next to them. This proves to be adventitious to super yacht owners as they can stay berthed next to their yachts instead of being far away.

Have Plenty of Dockside Facilities
The standards are going up and super yacht owners are expecting there to be a wide range of equipment available dock-side. It has also been reported that the top complaint of super yacht owners is about the lack of electrical power at the berth.

Provide Extra Power
With super yachts often requiring 4,000 kW as well as using 40-70% of power that is fitted, marinas will need to be able to supply ample power. Consider hiring a specialty company to help get the power ready for these super yachts.

Creating a Fuel Dock
Super yachts can take around 200,000 liters of fuel by way of high speed pumps. Because of the size and power of these pumps, the yachts must be fuelled via barges or tankers that will have to be accommodated at a specialized fuel dock.

Helipads add value to the Marina
Superyacht owners are known to use helicopters, thus needing a helipad to be properly accommodated would add a great value to the Marina.

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