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About Yacht Surveyors
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 02, June, 2016

About Yacht Surveyors

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Yacht Surveyors usually inspect different types of vessels. These inspections are essentially carried out to ascertain the pre-purchase estimation, check regulation compliance and re-evaluate the insurance claim and insurance eligibility.

A thorough inspection of the vessel is carried out during this process. For this, it is essential to appoint a competent surveyor to test the seaworthiness of the vessel. The expert also examines the vessels for defects and takes decisions based on the kind of repair required in future.

These are the things to consider prior to your next yacht survey:

It is better to opt for the services of a skilled Yacht Surveyor. Ask about their experience, credentials and see if they can supply a sample survey conducted on the vessel you are interested in or a comparab

Aspects to consider when searching for Used Boats for Sale
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 31, May, 2016

Prior to searching for Used Boats for Sale, decide on the kind of vessel you want to buy in advance. Different dealers and yards have an extensive array of water-crafts on offer from large fly bridges to small vessels. Certain aspects need to be considered prior to acquiring a Used Boat for Sale.

Decide on the number of people you wish to take aboard your water-craft during a single cruise. Are you looking for a yacht designed for speed and thrill or wish to opt for the tranquillity of a fishing vessel? Also decide on the maximum capacity and dimensions of the boat you wish to acquire. Would you prefer a yacht made of fibreglass or wood?

Prior to buying the boat try to get it surveyed so that you get the best deal. Check the engine and carefully check the boat to ensure that the vessel is in g

Things You Need to Know About Boat Rental Services
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 26, May, 2016

A boat is definitely not a careless investment. It's difficult to maintain and is not used almost as much as one expects. Boat Rental Services is the best option for people to take to the high seas whenever and wherever they wish.

Maintaining a boat is an expensive proposition for people who wish to go on a cruise once in a while. Renting is a more sensible option as you can sail on the lake or the sea without worrying about high maintenance costs or mortgage payments linked with a vessel.

Yachting is in vogue these days which is why you can find quite a few companies and individuals renting boats. There are some factors you need to consider when you opt for Boat Rental Services.

When you are searching for a boat to rent, ensure that the vessel is properly maintained by the owner. This

Yacht Brokers USA
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 23, May, 2016

Yacht Brokers USA

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When you opt for the services of Yacht Brokers USA, the long and laborious task of selecting your preferred yacht is lessened. You can therefore decide on an apt vessel as per your budget and preferences. With their skill set, competence & contacts the right broker can ensure that the process of buying or selling a luxury yacht takes place smoothly.

Brokers worldwide know their yachts, destination and contacts intimately. There are quite a few advantages when you avail the services of a broker, the largest of which is exposure. Brokers usually list boats through websites which is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere worldwide.

Charter Brokers carry out detailed research on the yachts, crew and are even willing to negotiate on your behalf. Rest assured that this service does not add to the

Visit Top Marinas of the World Where Billionaires Prefer to Dock
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 19, May, 2016

Mega yachts are the playthings of the rich and famous. These are the most expensive marinas worldwide where billionaires prefer to dock their vessels.

The luxury market is constantly devising new ways to assist the super rich in spending their money. Enjoy some exclusive time off in the private environs of a superyacht. Owning a superyacht translates to initial capital outlay of millions along with added annual running costs. Costs are principally incurred as mooring fees for berthing the yacht.

Take a look at the most expensive yet enviable spots to park mega yachts:

Marina di Capri is a preferred Italian marina with the rich and famous for quite sometime. Get a glimpse of the yachts owned by media mogul David Geffen such as Rising Sun and Pelorus floating out at anchor.

Marina di Porto