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Things to know about Boat Insurance - AdamSea Yacht Services
Published By : National Record
DATE : 31, August, 2016

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These are the important things to know about boat insurance offered by a wide range of casualty property companies on AdamSesa Yacht Services listing section.

Why is boat insurance necessary? Like your car your boat can go anywhere therefore it requires a separate policy. However you can economise by bundling your boat policy with an auto or home insurance.

How is it different from home or auto insurance? Boat coverage includes coverage for physical injury that your vessel inflicts on others plus property indentation your boat inflicts on other boats and docks. It also includes physical damage to your vessel if you hit something ashore.

Comprehensive coverage can be acquired against sabotage, fire and flood, uninsured boater insurance, burglary

The Ultimate Guide to a Boat Wedding Party
Published By : National Record
DATE : 26, August, 2016

A wedding on a luxury boat embodies the ultimate indulgence.

Regardless of the location certain factors that can influence your wedding include décor, budget and catering. A luxury boat can set the perfect tone for probably the most memorable occasion of your life.

It is a daunting task to search for the best yacht depending on the budget, can comfortably accommodate your guests and has a favourable ambience as per your requirements. Consider these tips as you commence the search for your ideal vessel.

Benefits of Boat Weddings:

A boat wedding is an economical option as you can benefit from lots of inclusions that might not be available for land-based options.

- Saves time as you host both the ceremony and reception in a single place.
- Provision for Pre or post-wedding entert

AdamSea's Tips for Marina Safety - Equipments and Safety Policies
Published By : National Record
DATE : 22, August, 2016

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These are some of the marina safety equipment and policies for guests & customers who use the marina. The equipment and policies are not an inclusive list however they should become an integral part of management practices at the marina.

No Swimming: Possible perils of swimming in the marina basin range from propeller injuries, underwater currents and stray electricity in addition to concealed submerged objects. Each marina must necessarily post signage stating a "No Swimming" policy within the marina basin.

Safety/Rescue Ladders: Safety/Rescue Ladders provide a way out from the water or offer secure access to/from a vessel. There are challenges to ensure that a person who has fallen in the water can be rescued safely or to assist a boater who has to get

Superyacht Sales - Points to Consider
Published By : National Record
DATE : 19, August, 2016

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One of the reasons for increased Superyacht Sales is probably the allure of exotic destinations to be explored and the quality of yachting vessels available in the market. Carry out some detailed research prior to purchasing a yacht to ensure that you acquire a favourable investment in the long run.

An extensive range of Superyachts for Sale: There is a varied assortment of superyachts for sale nowadays. Search the specifics and evaluate them against your personal requirements for optimum results.

Do the research on your own or avail the services of a yacht broker. Yacht brokerage houses have detailed know-how of the different types of boats they sell. Collect the information and make the final decision on your preferred superyacht.


Luxury Yachts for Charter - Beautiful Bahamian Islands
Published By : National Record
DATE : 17, August, 2016

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Luxury Yachts for Charter are available for a cherished cruise to the beautiful Bahamian Islands. Take a short trip for a few days or relax on an extended sail.

Cruise along the captivating Coconut Grove, FL. towards spectacular destinations such as Bimini, Bahamas, en route for Honeymoon Harbour at Gun Cay to Cat Cay & South Cat Cay and revisit Coconut Grove.

Weather conditions may necessitate changes with the itinerary at any time. Chartering your own private vessel permits you to decide where the vessel will sail on a particular day.

Luxury Yachts are available for charter for a period of 8 days or more. Plan an interesting itinerary as you cruise along the azure water with loved ones.

Luxury Yachts for Charter: Destination Fl