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4 Tips for Photographing Your Yacht to Sell
Published By : National Record
DATE : 28, April, 2016

People are visual and if you want to sell your yacht, the best way to do it is to have some stunning photos. If you want to sell your vessel faster and to more serious buyers, here are some tips for taking photography that gets people excited.

Choose Good Lighting
The entire feel of a photograph is largely based upon the lighting. By capturing your yacht during the early morning or evening, the ideal sunlight will amplify the stunning architecture of the yacht and evoke emotions in anyone who looks at the photos.

Set The Scene With Object Placement
Trying to capture the scene as well as the atmosphere of the yacht is very dependent on the objects that appear in the photo. You don't want the vessel to look too cluttered but you also don't want it to appear empty either. Choose objects

4 Tips for Choosing an Interior Design for Your Yacht
Published By : National Record
DATE : 27, April, 2016

Deciding how to decorate the interior of your yacht may prove to be more difficult than imagined. From choosing a style and picking out furniture to determining what kind of atmosphere you want to portray, there are an overwhelming amount of options. If it's time for you to start making moves on the inside of your yacht, here are some tips for choosing the interior design.

Choose a Style
Determine early on what kind of style you are looking for to create the perfect atmosphere. Do you want luxurious and upscale or would you rather go for a more modern look? Would you rather have a minimalistic design or one with a little bit of attitude?

Find Inspiration
Spend time looking at other yachts to get some inspiration for your own. Utilize the internet and magazines and cut out images and colo

5 Things a Superyacht Marina Should Consider
Published By : National Record
DATE : 25, April, 2016

Every day more and more Superyachts are popping onto the scene. With more superyachts there will be a larger need for marinas to accommodate them. Having the chance to offer marina assistance to the increasing market, marinas who hope to do business with super yachts should take a couple things into consideration.

Offering Double Berths
These berths allow larger yachts to fit into the marina while still allowing space next to them. This proves to be adventitious to super yacht owners as they can stay berthed next to their yachts instead of being far away.

Have Plenty of Dockside Facilities
The standards are going up and super yacht owners are expecting there to be a wide range of equipment available dock-side. It has also been reported that the top complaint of super yacht owners is about th

Changing Trends - Yachts Sales Going Online Worldwide
Published By : National Record
DATE : 23, April, 2016

With growing demand of internet based businesses in the yachting industry, online portals can help by connecting buyers and sellers across the world. Buyers and Sellers can connect, collaborate and have an open dialogue. Online Businesses nowadays are more transparent than ever with highly secured websites for communication, payments and discussions related to surveys, shipping, etc.

For Sellers
The online market presence helps business partners generate leads across the globe. The platform allows sellers to upload their logos, advertise their business and connect with new potential buyers in international markets. Plus, the inspection and shipping process is taken care of by the staff and buyer so that the seller can have an easier time making their sales.

For Buyers
Buyers can benefit from

How Yacht Brokers Can Buy and Sell their Boats Online with AdamSea
Published By : National Record
DATE : 18, April, 2016

Selling a Boat Online can now become easier with platforms like Essentially like joining a boat selling team, you will now have backup to help you get the news out to the world that you are trying to sell your vessel. And, what's even better than being part of a team is being part of one with connections. The crew over at AdamSea have the ability to connect your listing with people around the world, helping you to sell your vessel faster. If you are looking for a way to sell your boat more efficiently, here is how to become a part of the AdamSea team.

Create an Yacht Broker ID on
Once you are signed up with AdamSea, your first step is to create an ID. Once making your username and password, click on your name at the top of the screen to access your dashboard. The das

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