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Yacht Brokers USA
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 23, May, 2016

Yacht Brokers USA

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When you opt for the services of Yacht Brokers USA, the long and laborious task of selecting your preferred yacht is lessened. You can therefore decide on an apt vessel as per your budget and preferences. With their skill set, competence & contacts the right broker can ensure that the process of buying or selling a luxury yacht takes place smoothly.

Brokers worldwide know their yachts, destination and contacts intimately. There are quite a few advantages when you avail the services of a broker, the largest of which is exposure. Brokers usually list boats through websites which is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere worldwide.

Charter Brokers carry out detailed research on the yachts, crew and are even willing to negotiate on your behalf. Rest assured that this service does not add to the

Visit Top Marinas of the World Where Billionaires Prefer to Dock
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 19, May, 2016

Mega yachts are the playthings of the rich and famous. These are the most expensive marinas worldwide where billionaires prefer to dock their vessels.

The luxury market is constantly devising new ways to assist the super rich in spending their money. Enjoy some exclusive time off in the private environs of a superyacht. Owning a superyacht translates to initial capital outlay of millions along with added annual running costs. Costs are principally incurred as mooring fees for berthing the yacht.

Take a look at the most expensive yet enviable spots to park mega yachts:

Marina di Capri is a preferred Italian marina with the rich and famous for quite sometime. Get a glimpse of the yachts owned by media mogul David Geffen such as Rising Sun and Pelorus floating out at anchor.

Marina di Porto

The New Trends in the Yachting Industry Worldwide
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 16, May, 2016

A superyacht is a luxury yacht owned and enjoyed by the jet set. A younger generation of (UHNWI) or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals is steadily more focused on tailored experiences rather than acquiring objects. Such uniqueness partly confers high status for people who can afford such experiences. The shifting sands of luxury and affluence have a definite impact on the changing trends in the yachting industry.

The ultra wealthy are trying their best to ensure that the returns on their time are maximized in every way possible. Superyachts are indisputably the most pre-eminent platform to accomplish this.

Inventive Layouts: Yachts nowadays are shifting from compartmentalized layouts towards open-plan, vibrant interiors. There is also an amplified attention to the outdoor areas to generate an in

Things to Consider before you Buy a Yacht
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 12, May, 2016

A definitive lifestyle choice is reflected when you buy a yacht.

Though there is a significant financial and emotional outlay in the process of acquiring a yacht rest assured that owning a superyacht is an unrivalled achievement in the long run.

During this complex process, experience and direction will surely steer you to a successful conclusion.

Think about the wealth of opportunities that buying a yacht brings. Gain access to the most exclusive spots worldwide in complete privacy and experience the finest precision engineering and lifestyle design to ensure a relaxing passage to infinite horizons. Your crew will cater to your needs and see to it that your personal preferences are their primary priority.

Keep a few things in mind prior to the final decision of buying a yacht:

It is

Meet the New Smart But Simple Instrument Display for boats
Published By : Ekaterina P
DATE : 11, May, 2016

Yacht Devices Ltd, a manufacturer of marine electronics, presents the Text Display YDTD-20 – enabling monitoring of navigation right from the yacht cabin or any other place on board. Small and simple in use, the display can be installed easily on any boat equipped with a NMEA 2000 compatible network. It starts operation as soon as it is plugged into the network backbone, no maintenance or configuration is required. This device is a wise choice as an additional instrumental display, mounted in the cabin of your vessel or near the chart table.


The YDTD-20N Text Display provides the following data: 

  • vessel position (GPS); 
  • speed and course (SOG, COG, STW, heading); 
  • wind data (AWA, AWS, TWA, TWS); 
  • weather data (air and water temperature, atm