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Top 5 new yachts at
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 05, April, 2017

Yacht builders, brokers and single sellers from all over the world have been joining to become partners of the first online integrated yacht marketplace, increasing their reach and opportunities and connecting with global buyers.


Here’s the Top 5 of new yachts that are currently available at AdamSea (listed by date), ready to be taken to any location with our innovative sales engine that combines all stages of yacht and boat sales under one platform.


From Shanghai to Pontevedra, discover what the world has to offer:


1. Rodman Muse 74


The Rodman Muse 74 is one of the most powerful and luxurious yachts from Rodman Group. Located in Pontevedra, Spain, the yacht manufacturer is currently asking for USD 2,065,000.00 .



From Spain to the world: Rodman Group is AdamSea’s new partner
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 02, April, 2017

Rodman Group is the latest partner to join the worldwide online yacht marketplace, increasing their international presence with the most innovative and integrated platform in the yacht industry and connecting the Spanish company with thousands of potential buyers from all over the world.


Rodman Group is currently offering the 2016 Rodman Muse 54 and the 2013 Rodman Muse 74 at AdamSea. Located in Pontevedra, Spain, both fiber glass motor yachts are new built with completely negotiable prices and includes the option of a demo boat from Rodman's stock. The engine hours only have been made by Rodman's staff during different trips to boat shows and other events.



Currently the Rodman Group is the oldest company in its sector in Spain for nearly 4

AdamSea and NedShip Group, a partnership to take around the world the new area of yachting
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 28, March, 2017

The future is here with intelligent energy systems, zero emission propulsion, and luxury. The E-CATS are the new concept from NedShip Group to change navigation as we know it and start living a different lifestyle yacht owners never have seen before.


Described as a “revolution on the market”, the E-CATS are known for their intelligent energy system that can go “under normal circumstances with an unlimited range”, says the company at their official website.


The company currently offers seven concepts of E-CATS, which are designed for different purposes and styles. The SolarCat 64’, the Event Yacht 70 or the Solar Taxi are just some of the options NedShip Group provides to the market, with the special option of customizing each one of them.


AdamSea and Benetti Sail Division team up to offer the 2017 Benship 8
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 27, March, 2017

AdamSea, the international yacht marketplace, and the Italian premier yacht builder Benetti Sail Division, established a new alliance to sell the 2017 Benship 8 at the online platform, expanding the possibilities of delivering the vessel worldwide.


Inside, Benship 8 has two cabin and two bedrooms with a high quality Italian design interiors. The new built all-aluminum power boat could be completely personalized since it’s fully custom to satisfy owner’s needs.



The yacht is currently located in Shanghai, China, available for $790,000 USD. However, the price is still negotiable at AdamSea, one of the benefits of the website.


To find out more details and see more pictures of Benship 8, click here.



Benetti Sail D

First Look: Bugatti Niniette 66
Published By : National Record Inc.
DATE : 18, March, 2017

The makers of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most exclusive and luxurious production super sports car, Bugatti, and the world’s most innovative motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, announce the release of the Bugatti Niniette 66. This will be the first in a new series of yachts, starting from 50ft, up to 80ft.


The iconic companies have combined their pedigree in design, technology and performance into a fearless vision of the future of sport yachts. Inspired by the amazing Bugatti Chiron, the outcome of this powerful alchemy between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti is the limited edition Bugatti Niniette 66.


Makers of the fastest car in the world today, Bugatti was once a boat builder too. Commissioned to create a one-of-a kind speedboat in 1930 by Prince Carlo M