AdamSea - Only Qualified Surveyors Can Register as a Surveyor at Adamsea

Who will do it

Who will do it

AdamSea only worked with qualified and experienced surveyors who have to apply and be approved by AdamSea in order to conduct inspections, or surveys. The inspection is a mandatory part of the sales engine, paid for by the buyer, in order to provide reassurance that the vessel is seaworthy and in good repair.

Surveyors are certified through private, third-party evaluators who teach an individual how to use their extensive marine knowledge in the process of inspecting, surveying and judging the seaworthiness of any water vessel, from a fishing boat to a yacht capable of touring the world.

Those credentials must be presented to AdamSea when the surveyor applies to be a partner with us, along with a successful history that shows his or her knowledge and experience in maritime vessels, boats, yachts and other water craft.  Once approved, the surveyor will receive notification through the sales engine when a vessel is ready for inspection, saving time and energy for the buyer and easing the transaction for both parties. 

AdamSea only works with Qualified & Experienced Surveyors who have to apply and be accepted by AdamSea to conduct inspections or surveys in future. Inspection is a mandatory component of the sales engine and is paid for by the buyer. It is crucial to provide assurance that the vessel is indeed seaworthy. The Marine Surveyor must have a successful history proving his or her know-how and experience in boats, yachts, maritime vessels and other water craft.