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AdamSea attracts used boat sellers and buyers in one marketplace. Each transaction requires the same service: surveying. AdamSea is searching for qualified and licensed surveyors in each province of Canada And worldwide.  Every surveyor interested will be evaluated to ensure high quality of delivery.  Your company will gain a significant advantage over your competitors and access to 100s of survey task assignments per year. AdamSea buyers live all around the world, providing year round work for our Canadian survey partners.


Sales Engine.


Privileges and Benefits

Working with AdamSea provides many benefits and privileges for you or your company:

  • Year round work as boat, yacht and vessels sell to clients in countries halfway around the world
  • Tasks to survey yachts and boats in your province
  • Guaranteed payment upon successful completion of the survey or inspection and acceptance by AdamSea
  • Access to new clients and marinas
  • Potential of 100s of surveys per year

AdamSea only approves 2 to 3 surveyors per province or city.

Lead Generation

Every time a used boat is purchased through AdamSea, the nearest registered surveyor will receive a notification via email and SMS advising them of a boat awaiting inspection.

 Add All Your Branches In Your Single Account 

Once you add your branch then the nearest registered branch will receive a notification via email, and SMS advising them of a boat awaiting inspection.

How To Become An AdamSea Surveyor

Show your interest in becoming an AdamSea survey partner by:

  • Going to 
  • Click on “Register
  • Select “Boat Surveyor”
  • Fill out the required information

AdamSea will perform an evaluation to see if you are a good fit to provide services. You will be contacted by a representative within 3 business days for an interview and assessment.

If approved, you will need to sign an agreement with AdamSea, agreeing to:

  • Use the standard report
  • Respond to buyer within 24 hours by AdamSea sales engine
  • Complete the inspection and upload reports and documents within 3 business days
  • Abide by AdamSea’s Terms of Service

After Approval !

Once that is complete, an account representative will speak with you about:

  • How the system works
  • Log-in information
  • How to respond to a request for survey
  • Importance of accurate, signed certification reports
  • Maintaining current information
  • Customer service expectations

How It Works !

Your company will receive survey and inspections tasks via an email notification containing a link that takes you right to your Boat Surveyor account dashboard.

When you login to your account, you will learn and receive the following information:

  • Accurate yacht location
  • Customized AdamSea standard survey report (download from dashboard)
  • Payment notification
  • Yacht specifications


Proceed to the yacht location and perform the survey :

Surveys must be completed and reports uploaded within 3-5 business days as not to impact the potential sale of the boat.

AdamSea Standard Report of Certification/Survey

Use of the AdamSea standard report is a must. AdamSea has our own survey report. All the surveyors must download it from their account and use it in the event of the inspection. Every surveyor will complete our form and enter into the website.

  • Provides assurance that the vessel is seaworthy
  • Standard format allows for quick verification and processing
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fill out
  • Easy to upload
  • Must be signed by surveyor who did the certification or inspection

Use of the AdamSea standard report is a mandatory requirement. Do so by:

  • Logging in to your account
  • Finding “Standard Report” on the dashboard
  • Download and print
  • Take the printed report to the yacht inspection and fill out
  • Must be signed by surveyor who did the certification or inspection
  • When you get back from the inspection, log in to your account and upload
  • Survey Report
  • Video of the inspected yacht, vessel or boat
  • Pictures of the inspected yacht, boat or vessel


As a survey partner with AdamSea, you and your company have access to the following advantages:

  • Potential of hundreds of surveys per year
  • Assured payment for services
  • No haggling with buyers or sellers
  • Improved network of work sources and other opportunities
  • Working with buyers and sellers that know the sea and what they need
  • Year round inspection opportunities as buyers from all over the world use AdamSea
  • Business expansion possibilities
  • Global name recognition as buyers and sellers communicate among themselves at boating events



      Note: if you like to be our one of our surveyor! then Click Here 

AdamSea is searching for skilled and licensed yacht surveyors in each city and province globally. Qualified Yacht Surveyors will be evaluated to ensure highest quality of delivery. Your company will get a huge advantage over your competitors and gain access to innumerable survey task assignments. Get guaranteed payment upon successful completion of the inspection or survey followed by AdamSea's acceptance. Yacht Surveyors, Boat Surveyors & Licensed Boat Surveyors will get year round work as our buyers live worldwide.