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Negotiating can be a tricky thing for both the seller and the buyer, especially online. Neither party can see or hear the other, rendering verbal and body language clues useless as to what the other is thinking and doing.  But when you have a good boat, yacht or vessel for sale at a reasonable price, working with a potential buyer can be to your advantage.

The sales engine from AdamSea facilitates easy negotiation between you and the buyer. As each offer is submitted, the system notifies the other party. Each offer can be accepted, rejected or amended, as many times as needed until a satisfactory price is agreed upon. It’s a simple system with no fuss.


When selling your boat on AdamSea, here are some suggestions on how to negotiate:

  • 1Know the market value of your vessel.  This allows you not only to price the boat fairly but also evaluate offers that come in.  

  • 2Know how much you want for it.  Along with knowing the market value, this is the most important information with which to start negotiations.  Be sure to be reasonable.

  • 3Be kind. Low offers are not meant to be an insult but a starting point. You can reject the offer or counter with another price if you desire. Emotional negotiations rarely result in a sale.

  • 4Also be patient. If you are asking a fair price for a quality product, there is a buyer for you. You do not have to accept the first offer or settle for a lower price than what you are comfortable with.

  • 5Determine if you are willing to negotiate. Maybe you absolutely will not go lower than your posted price. Say so in your listing. This will encourage only serious buyers and if someone tries to negotiate, you can politely point them back to your posting and remind them that the price is firm.

  • 6Don’t feel pressured. If you are in negotiations with a buyer, do not feel as if you owe them a deal. This is a business transaction. Working with someone is different than giving in to them. Refer back to #3.

  • 7 Avoid using a range. The price is the price. If you provide a range, the buyer’s next offer will be in that range – at the lower end.  Counter with a set monetary amount.

  • 8When you post your boat on AdamSea you will have option to keep your boat as 'fixed price' or 'negotiable'. In case you set it as 'negotiable' then you will be able to start negotiation with the buyer online. 

Join the thriving Online Marine Community for Buyers & Sellers. Get Negotiating Tips for Buying and Yacht Sales online.

When you have a good yacht, boat or vessel for sale at reasonable rates working with a probable buyer can be beneficial. AdamSea's sales engine facilitates effortless negotiation between yacht buyers & yacht sellers.

Price the boat fairly and also evaluate incoming offers. Be kind and patient in your dealing. Stay away from using a price range.

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