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SELL YOUR YACHT New Boat Manufacture 

The market for AdamSea, accessible through its extensive search and sales engine, reaches the far corners of the globe. New boats, yachts and vessels for sale in Canada and from all around the world will be seen by buyers in Africa, Asia, South America and more. By working with AdamSea, you will:

  • Attract customers from around the world to provide the widest selection of boats and yachts from manufacturers, creating the largest single online marine marketplace.
  • Provide the most comprehensive payment methods to make the transaction process convenient and secure between the various elements of AdamSea.
  • list and sell your yacht as New build OR Under Construction OR Design stage  

Manufacturer Sales Engine

what you see after you login into your account sales engine 

How It Works

AdamSea’s proprietary sales engine works in five distinct stages for sales of new boats.  

My Boat is when the manufacturer receives an inquiry from a buyer is interested in the boat. The manufacturer accesses account and confirms the boat is still for sale.If the boat is no longer for sale or already sold, the seller selects “Not Available” and the buyer is notified by an email and sales engine.

what seller can do in My Boat section.

  - Contact buyers directly and build relation 

  - Agree with the sales process with buyer 

If the boat is still available and the buyer wants to purchase, he or she  continues to the second step.

Negotiation seller can setup the price as Fixed or Negotiation, if the price was "Negotiation" then seller and buyer can start offering their prices via the sales engine.

  what seller can do in Negotiation section.

 - Seller can Negotiate with different buyers at the same time 

 - Seller can discuss price directly with buyer and confirm it in the sale engine  

 - Seller can sign up letter of intend directly with buyer 

 - buyer can pay down payment from the total price to AdamSea Escrow or to Seller    

Agreement buyer and seller will sign auto purchase agreement which is generate by the sales engine    

 what seller can do in Agreement section.

 - Seller can send and sign his own agreement and upload in the sales engine 

  Payment This section will show the full cost of the boat, including:

  • Tax (only for Canadian buyer)
  • Excludes shipping cost, to be determined later in the process.

Buyer chooses a payment option:

  • Full cost Bank to Bank.
  • Full payment by ESCROW (Canada Trust Account ).
  • Full payment via PayPal.

Shipment The AdamSea sales engine sends email notification to all affiliated shipment companies, requesting a quote to be sent directly to the buyer’s email address. The registered shipping company access their account to start submit quote through their AdamSea account to the buyer, who in turn can view quotes in their account sales engine. The buyer chooses a price and company he likes. Payment is made between the shipper and the buyer, not AdamSea or the seller. 

AdamSea transfers the purchase price to the seller. upon acceptance by the buyer or the shipper receive the boat and release latter of "receive of shipment", 

How To Partner with AdamSea

Apply to become an AdamSea online manufacturing partner by:

  • Going to 
  • Click on “Register”
  • Select “Boat Builder”
  • Fill out the required information to generate agreement ID 

AdamSea will perform an evaluation to see if you are a good fit to provide services. You will be contacted by a representative within 3 business days for an interview and assessment.

If selected, you will need to sign a broker agreement with AdamSea.

After Approval what is Next !

Once that is complete, an account representative will speak with you about:

  • How the system works
  • Log-in information
  • How to respond to an inquiry
  • How escrow and payment works
  • Maintaining current information
  • Customer service expectations

To sell in our online marine marketplace, simply complete the following tasks on when approved:

  • Produce boats, yachts and vessels to high-quality company standards
  • Become a Boat Builder of AdamSea
  • List your boats, yachts or vessels in Boat Show
  • Create your own page
  • Enter your company logo, brand, image and other pertinent information
  • Make use of AdamSea’s international search engine to discover new customers

Advantages being with us...

The global exposure and presence your company will enjoy year round benefits your organization in many ways.

  • Provides year round sales opportunities
  • Increases your global market share
  • Adds worldwide experience
  • Attracts inquiries for vessels, yachts and boats all over the world
  • Access to new markets
  • Advertises your brand, logo and products on our website
  • Potential of 100s of transactions per year
  • Exclusive access to our buyers
  • Design your own page on our website for increased visibility
  • Work with assigned agents in your country to work with specific rules, laws and requirements
  • The process is the same all over the world!
  • AdamSea does everything for you – it’s a “one stop shop”!

Note :  if you want us to sale your yacht and boat around the world then Click Here to send us your request   

AdamSea attracts customers worldwide to provide the widest collection of boats and yachts from New Boat Manufacturers to create a thriving online marine marketplace. Simply register to list and sell your yacht as New Build OR Under Construction Yachts OR Design stage. We provide all-inclusive payment modes to ensure that the transaction process is expedient and secure amid the different elements of AdamSea.

AdamSea's online market is accessible through its extensive search and sales engine. New Boats for Sale, yachts and vessels for sale in Canada and worldwide will be viewed by buyers in Asia, South America, Africa and more.