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Integrity and Compliance

Integrity and Compliance

AdamSea believes in open and honest communication and a transparent purchasing process. Our unique sales engine provides step by step instruction, communication and visibility for each part of the buying and selling transaction. Not matter where you are in the world, both parties can see everything happening with every deal.

AdamSea also insists on a survey for each used boat sold, making it a mandatory part of the sales engine and transaction progression.  Every country has laws regarding the sale of seaworthy vessels. Our comprehensive inspection checklist that must be filled out completely by an AdamSea authorized surveyor provides security to the buyer that his or her money is well-spent while making it legally possible for the seller to sign over a clear title. 

AdamSea holds integrity and compliance on a pedestal and strives every day with every boat listed to ensure an honest and honorable business transaction occurs between members on this site. our values and compliances:    

We value our people with a strong belief
in "A company is its people" philosophy
& providing opportunities to perform their full potential

We give our best efforts with endless
passion & challenge spirit to become world best in every ways

We rapidly take the initiative in
executing change & innovation with
a sense of crisis: we can not survive if we do not constantly strive to innovate

We act in a right and ethical way in all
manners, ensuring fairness with honor and grace

We take full responsibilities as a good
corporate citizen in pursuit of mutual
prosperity with our community, nation and human society