AdamSea - Marine Survey Process

Marine surveyor or inspectors with AdamSea must apply to be considered. Only surveyors who can demonstrate their experience, knowledge and success are approved as surveying partners with AdamSea. We take the safety and protection of our buyers, sellers and members very seriously. Boats in desperate need of repair are not sold through this site; only those vessels that are safe and fully functional upon receipt by the buyer make it through the sales engine.

Once approved, the surveyor will receive notifications through the AdamSea sales engine when a vessel is ready for inspection. The surveyor will coordinate with the seller for access to the boat and complete the survey and mandatory AdamSea inspection survey form for submittal.

The inspection includes the engine, exterior and interior of the vessel proposed for sale. A detailed, comprehensive report will be filed with AdamSea by the inspector. If buyer evaluates the surveyor’s report as the boat being acceptable, the transaction will be approved and the buyer can continue the payment and shipment process. If not, the transaction will be rejected. if the seller makes sufficient repairs to the vessel. Then the process starts all over again.

Register with AdamSea if you are a Marine Surveyor/ inspector. Only surveyors who can prove their experience, know-how and success are accepted as surveying partners with AdamSea. The safety and security of our sellers, buyers and members is our priority.

Once permitted, the surveyor will get notifications via the AdamSea sales engine when a vessel is prepared for inspection. It is his responsibility to coordinate with the seller for access to the vessel. Then he completes the survey along with the compulsory AdamSea inspection survey form and submits it. If the buyer assesses the surveyor's report as the vessel being acceptable, the transaction is duly approved and the buyer can carry on with the payment and shipment process