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Selling a boat on AdamSea is about as easy as it gets. By putting your boat for sale here, you are giving it the best chance to sell to a worldwide market, just local or within the country.  Buyers from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, just to name a few, are searching here every day for their new vessel. If this is the first time you’ve sold a boat, there are some things you need to know.

Know the Details

When posting your boat on AdamSea, the more information you can provide the better. Buyers want to know what they are getting. Take the time to look up any information asked for that you do not know. Check the engine type and model. Make a list of all the amenities. Measure for an accurate length. If you are selling the trailer with it, post details about the trailer along with information about the baot ro vessel. These things are important to buyers and should be important to you as the seller.


Before taking a picture or video to post to the site, take time to clean up your boat. Even if you normally keep it neat and tidy, wipe down seats, clean out storage areas and swab the deck. Make it look shiny and new. Pay attention to the details. Then take pictures of glistening windows, empty storage spaces, a grease free motor and clean cup holder. Your boat will sell better if the buyer doesn’t have to look through clutter to see the diamond in the rough.

Maintenance Records

Buyers want to know that they are getting a quality product. If you have, or can assemble, maintenance records, mention that you have them in the posting.

Registration and Insurance

Be sure to cancel your insurance and revoke your registration after a sale. This keeps you from being held responsible if the new owner is in an accident and hasn’t gotten around to registering the boat in his or her name yet. When you sign the title over, be sure to make a copy for your records.

Be Honest

If your boat is not in perfect condition, do not say it is. You don’t have to volunteer the information but cannot withhold information about any defects. Failure to do so can get you in trouble should there be an accident later in which it played a part.

Selling in AdamSea

Once you register with AdamSea, selling your boat is as easy as posting it. You have three choices for accepting offers on your boat. You can set a firm price, meaning that you are not willing to negotiate on the asking price. You can enter the price, make it “Negotiable” and field offers, or you can place the boat on Auction.

The AdamSea sales engine makes negotiation simple and easy for both you and the buyer. If a buyer is interested in your boat, you will receive a notification. Once you confirm the boat is still available, you will receive their offer. You can accept, reject or amend their offer by countering with one of your own. Some people are afraid of negotiating, thinking they have to accept a low offer or that it can get ugly. AdamSea’s sales engine eliminates the worry and consternation with haggling, keeping it simple. If you don’t like where a negotiation is going, simply reject the offer and wait for a new buyer to show interest.

AdamSea also offers an Auction feature. You set up the Auction with a minimum bid (acceptable price), along with a length of time for potential buyers to place bids. Once the auction period is over, the highest bid becomes automatically becomes the sale price, and the sales engine process takes over.

Buyers from all over the world may bid or make offers on your boat. Once you accept an offer, the unique AdamSea sales engine enables inspection and shipping through the buyer portal. The only thing you, as the seller, need to do is accept a fair offer and provide access to the vessel when the surveyor or shipper arrive at your location to inspect or pick up the boat.

The purchase price is placed in escrow by the buyer, guaranteeing payment to you by AdamSea once the boat is picked up and conditions are met. This eliminates the worry about being scammed for your boat or the check bouncing. Selling on AdamSea provides not only a simple transaction process but also peace of mind.

Kindly refer to the Yacht Owners Guide if you are a First Time Seller on AdamSea. Get invaluable Tips for Selling Your Yacht Online.

Take the time to search for any information asked by the buyer that you are unaware of. Know the Details of the Boat for Sale. Try to assemble the Maintenance Records and ensure immaculate presentation of the vessel. Negotiation is simple and easy for both you and the buyer via AdamSea's Boat Sales Engine.

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