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Buying Tips

Buying Tips

You know what type and model of boat you want based on where and how you are going to use it. You have done your research on market value, maintenance costs, docking fees and other associated costs. Now you are ready to select your boat by using AdamSea, the only online marketplace that offers boats from around the world in an easy to search, view and negotiate sales engine.  Now it’s time to pick your vessel.

But what to pay attention to, boat by boat, vessel by vessel? What can you see with AdamSea that lets you know how to buy? By clicking on the listing, you will bring up detailed information about that particular vessel. Here are some buying tips about what to look for:

1. Boat Information. This tells you the basics about the boat such as model year and hull information. It also tells you how it was parked. If it is on the water, realize that it has been more exposed to corrosive elements than a boat that was trailered and could mean hull repair or cleaning. It will also tell you the number of hours operated.

2. Boat Engine. Here you will learn how many engines the vessel has, tank information, and engine data like manufacturer, horsepower and stroke. Pay attention to the model year and fuel type. The model year can differ from the year the boat was manufactured so you can tell if the engine has been replaced recently, and if it was replaced with a new engine or new one.  The fuel type is important, not only that you do not put gas into a diesel engine, but because diesel engines require repair sooner than gas engines, especially if not used frequently.

3. Electrical System. This section lets you know what type and how many batteries and generators may be onboard. If it does not have an emergency generator, consider getting one if this is the vessel you decide to purchase.

4. Dimensions. This is how you will know the length of the vessel, width and how many rooms, or cabins, it has, especially if you are in the market for a larger cruiser or yacht.  If you are going to do a lot of traveling from destination to destination in your new watercraft, this is the place to make sure it offers the amount of living space and bathrooms, or heads, you require.

5. Amenities and Accessories. These are all the little extras that add value to the vessel and might be a differentiator if you are stuck between options.  A fishing boat that comes with an installed fish finder might hold better appeal for you than one without.  However, pay close attention to what is missing that you might expect otherwise. If a cabin cruiser does not list a refrigerator, find out why. Maybe the seller forgot to list it. Or, the refrigerator no longer works, and you would have an additional expense to put one in after its delivered.

6.  Accident History.  Pay close attention to any that say “yes” here and the accompanying list of damage. Just because it has been in an accident does not mean the boat isn’t completely seaworthy and a good buy.  Be sure to ask the seller if you have questions about the repairs and their effectiveness.

7. Last Date of Service. A boat requires frequent preventative maintenance and service. Having some sense of the service history will let you know how well taken care of this vessel was, and don’t be afraid to ask for service records.

8. Picture. Finally, closely examine the picture of the boat and any video footage if it is posted. While you may not be able to inspect the boat in person, doing a little bit from afar can help save you a survey fee if the boat ends up not passing the inspection.

Some things you may be able to spot in a picture and/or video:

  • Scratches
  • Ripped up or dirty upholstery
  • Fiberglass cracks
  • Straight hulls
  • Separation around rub rails
  • Bubbles or blisters in the fiberglass
  • Wood rotting
  • Wavy floors
  • Signs of fluids or leaks around the engine
  • Sputtering or struggling engine sounds

9. Go Check Out Some Boats. If you see a boat you like on AdamSea, visit a local dealer or boat show and check that model or type out in person. You will get the feel of the vessel and if it is what you thought it may be. Board one of the same length and width to make sure it is the size you imagined and need.

10. Warranties. Ask the seller if there is a transferrable warranty yet on the vessel.  If so, investigate further to see what it includes (hull, engine, accessories, components, any services, etc) and how to use it in your area if something should fail. This is an especially good topic if you are looking to purchase from one of AdamSea’s new build or corporate sellers.

AdamSea is the only online marketplace that offers boats worldwide via an easy to search and negotiate sales engine. Get Tips for Purchasing a Luxury Yacht on our website.

Some Buying Boat Tips: 

Assess the different aspects such as Boat Information, Engine, Electrical System, Amenities and Accessories and the Dimensions of the vessel. Look into the Last Date of Service, Warranties and learn about the Accident History to avoid unpleasant surprises.