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Buying a water vessel, boat, sailboat, yacht or pleasurecraft on AdamSea is one of the easiest things you will ever do.  Our listings are detailed, easy to find and we offer a variety of ways to purchase through the search engine and Auction Rooms.

AdamSea Sales Engine Used Boat

  • 1Start by perusing through the listings (My Boat). If you know what kind of vessel you want, the home page offers many buttons to go directly to your preferred option, like sailboats or cuddy cruisers. Click on the boat listing to see all of the details about the boat. Each listing includes a picture as well.

  • 2Once you’ve made your selection, you can make an offer to the seller (Negotiation). Some prices are negotiable and will tell you so in the boat listing. With those listings you can negotiate with the seller. As offers are submitted, back and forth, the system will notify you so you can respond in a timely manner. If you choose to purchase in an Auction Room and win, your winning bid is the purchase price with no further negotiation.

  • 3On the boat listing, click “Confirm Your Order” underneath the picture. This will notify the seller of your interest and ask them to confirm the boat is still available. You will be notified of their response, and if it is available on a negotiable, you can enter your offer. You and the seller can accept, reject and amend offers until you come to a resolution. Once you and the seller agree on a price, the AdamSea premiere sales engine takes over, making the rest of the buying process smooth and transparent to both you and the seller.

  • 4Click on the “Estimate Cost” button (Payment).  This screen provides an estimate of the total cost of the boat, including the item cost, inspection and surveyor cost, taxes, payment fess and administrative fees, as well as offering you a choice of payment method.

  • 5You will be prompted to request an authorized AdamSea surveyor inspect the boat by (Certify My Boat). This is a mandatory part of the purchasing process to make sure the boat you are buying is in full and safe operating condition. You will make payment to an escrow account for the survey, holding your funds until the survey is complete and report filed.

  • 6The surveyor will go to the seller’s location and inspect the boat, uploading a finished report when complete (Report). The process takes about three days or more. Once the report is ready the surveyor will upload full inspection report, video and boat pictures direct to your account 

  • 7You will make payment to an escrow account or other way of pyament options, holding your funds until all conditions have been met and you have taken successful delivery of your new boat (Payment).

  • 8If the transaction is approved, your next step will be to request quotes from authorized AdamSea shippers (Shipment).  From the quotes you receive, choose one, and start arrangements to have the boat or vessel shipped to you. NOTE: This is a separate transaction with payment between you and the shipper.

  • 9Once you have received the boat and all conditions have been met, the escrow monies are released to the seller. The transaction is complete and you are a proud boat owner!

Visit our website for detailed information on the Yacht Buying Process. Get helpful tips prior to buying a yacht.

Buying a boat, sailboat, water vessel, yacht or pleasure craft on AdamSea is among the simplest things to do. Browse the detailed and easy to find listings and go through the variety of ways to purchase a yacht through the Online Yacht Search Engine and Auction Rooms.

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