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Congratulations! You are in the market for a boat, yacht, watercraft or other vessel and you have chosen AdamSea to help you find the perfect one.  Between the listings, Auction Room and Boat showroom, you will be able to select from thousands of boats all over the world. AdamSea is your “one-stop shop”!

Through AdamSea’s comprehensive sales engine, you can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality boat. Once you and the seller agree on a price, an authorized AdamSea surveyor will inspect the vessel thoroughly and submit a report to AdamSea. Our agent will review and if the boat is not in tip-top shape, the transaction will not be approved – meaning you will not spend your money on a boat that won’t float.

In absence of performing a physical inspection yourself, there are other things that you can have on your buying checklist to make sure you are ready to take ownership of your new boat.


Ask the seller about how many hours the boat has been operated or how many hours are on the engine. This is similar to how many miles are on a used car.  Compared with the model year, hours on the engine will tell you how often the boat has been operated.


Also ask about maintenance records. Boat maintenance records will show oil changes on the engine, tune-ups, bottom cleanings, hull repairs, impeller replacements, component repairs and much more. If the boat is in a cold weather climate, it should include the boat’s winterization schedule as well as tasks completed to prepare it for summer use.

Check the Market Price

There are several sources to check the market value of the vessel you are considering buying. There is the Kelly Bluebook and NADA Guides as official sources as well as many online boat price checkers. It is important to know the market price so you can negotiate fairly as well as per sure you are getting a good deal.

Check Insurance

Check with your insurance agent to see how much it costs to insure the boat of your dreams. With the cost of the boat, storage, maintenance and operation on top of it, making sure you can afford every part of owning a boat is important. Plus, you will want it insured as soon as you take possession.

Registration Requirements

Call your state or province to learn what the registration requirements are so that you can be sure to get the proper paperwork from the seller in a timely manner. Each country, state or province asks for slightly different information so you want to be prepared. 

AdamSea's yacht buying checklist is an essential step-by-step yacht purchase guide for yacht sale safety. Visit our "one-stop shop" for yacht sales worldwide.

Refer to the Yacht Buying Checklist for optimum results prior to a boat purchase. Ascertain the time span for which the boat has been operated or the number of hours on the engine. Enquire about the maintenance records. Know the market price to get a good deal on the vessel. Insurance and Registration Requirements are important aspects to be considered.

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