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Buying a large cruiser or yacht has more considerations than just the normal “What are you going to use it for?”  While it is a worthy question for smaller vessels and people looking to fish or perform water sports, the type of traveling that large boat and sea lovers are going to do necessitates thinking about your yacht or vessel purchases with the same and consideration you would give to choosing an apartment or buying a home.


The cardinal rule of boating is the faster you want the boat to go, the less room you are going to have on it. While it makes sense for fishing boats and pleasure craft, it also holds true for cruisers and yachts. Larger engines take up more room, not to mention the streamlining aerodynamics that contribute to top speeds possible.  If you want room for people and toys like jet skis on board, compromise on the possible speed.


How many people are going to sail the high seas with you? Knowing that number will help you determine the number of rooms, or cabins, you are going to require on the vessel. Depending on who it is and the privacy they require, you can have one or two people per cabin. Make sure the cabins are of sufficient size


There are no rest areas in the open water. Again, depending on people and privacy needed, make sure you select a vessel with at least one fully equipped head to include a shower. Families may require two heads while if you’re primary purpose is to hold floating parties, you may want to look at even more than that.


Obviously, the larger the boat or yacht, the more you will pay for it. That is not just in the purchase price but also in maintenance and repairs.  The average yearly cost to maintain a yacht is $1200 per square foot. If you are in the market for a superyacht, it will require staff as well. Captains go for about $1000 a foot per year and  to that, you will have to add the cost of an engineer, crew members and deck hands.

No matter how well you maintain the vessel, large repairs will happen every 5 to 7 years on the boiler or engine, it will need to be repainted every 5 or 6 years and periodic new interior design as fashions fade and styles change.


If you plan to live on board your boat, vessel or yacht, then the length of the boat is very important. A good size boat for a couple is around 40 feet. It will provide privacy as well as multiple living spaces so you do not feel cramped or like you are living in a walk-in closet. Larger boats than that may be harder for just two people to crew.


While you may find a great deal in a used older model, keep costs in mind. The older a boat, the larger the maintenance costs will be, no matter how well maintained the vessel was early in its life cycle. Large ticket items will need to be repaired and the exterior painted or cleaned. Vessels floating in sea water are floating in a corrosive environment that will take its wear and tear.

Structure and Materials

Finally, consider what the vessel is made of. The trend as of late is to use flashy materials for appearance but that may not stand the test of time and use. Safety and function is more important than style.  While you want your new boat, yacht or vessel to look good, ensure it is made of high quality and durable materials. Is the trim plastic? Is metal under paint starting to corrode? Is the metal steel or cheap aluminum that will corrode quickly?  These are questions to ask the seller or have the surveyor check to help make your buying decision.


Large vessels require large docks. Where are you going to keep your yacht? Do the research to determine what marina has for available slips and associated fees. You may have waterfront access by your property. Is the depth capable of handling mooring there?

Consider a Charter

You are about to make a big purchase on a yacht or cruiser. You may want to make sure that’s the vessel you want for sure. One way is to contact local yacht or cruiser rentals or charter a cruise on the make and model you are considering purchasing. Invite your family and friends and get their opinions too. It will answer many of your questions once you are on board and have created the same situation that you hope to have once the yacht is yours. You can see how comfortable it is, how much room you have, how fast the vessel goes, how it handles and much more.

If you can, charter it for a few days. One afternoon will not give you a good sense of all the noises, feel and sounds it would make under constant use. There are things you may not think about, like the sound the laundry makes by the bulkhead or “walking around” sounds. If you are going to haul toys, launch from there and see how easy or hard that is for you. All of this will help you make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Buying a large cruiser or yacht is a significant investment in both time and money. Taking your time to choose the right boat through the many offerings on AdamSea is worth it. 

AdamSea is a leading Online Marine Community. Consider these Points prior to selecting yachts or boats for sale. Refer to our Boat Selection Guide, Yacht Selection Guide for optimum results.
Think of the reason why you want to buy a boat and select the cruiser accordingly. If you would like extra space for people and toys onboard try to compromise on the speed. Ascertain the number of people onboard to see if the cruiser has sufficient cabins and bathrooms to accommodate everyone. Take your time to choose a suitable Yacht for Sale from the many offerings on AdamSea.

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